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Dividing an Open-Plan House with Decorative Screen Partitions: A Henley Display Home Installation

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Recently two of the QAQ staff visited the beautiful Henley display homes of Woodlea Estate in Rockbank, VIC. There are many decorative screen installations at the various display homes open to view there, including these gorgeous installations of QAQ's 'Valletta' design in compressed hardwood. This series of installations feature decorative screens used primarily for dividing open spaces, adding a beautiful architectural element to the interior design of the home and providing a sense of intimacy to the spaces they enclose.

A decorative screen partitions the foyer from the main lounge at the entrance of this home. This is a 2400 x 1200 mm standard size screen, one of the larger sizes manufactured by QAQ.


The view from the foyer to the lounge is also partly enclosed by another 'Valetta' in the same dark, charcoal-stained 'Woodsman' grain. Compressed hardwood screens are also available in a Jarrah stain or can be purchased raw.

A third screen partly encloses an open plan office.

Screen installation can be as easy as bolting stylish clamps to the surrounding wall and ceiling.


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