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3 Laser Cut Screens for Art Deco-Inspired Interior Decorating

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Of the 60+ designs that QAQ manufactures, there are a handful that are extremely popular that we see installed again and again, but there are many more fantastic designs to suit a variety of decorating styles that receive far less exposure such as these three Art Deco-inspired screen designs we call 'San Remo', Altona', and 'Elwood'. 

Art Deco is a visual arts style that began in France before World War I in a time when the wonders and efficiency of machinery and technology were embraced with a forward-thinking enthusiasm and hope. It took off in the 1920's and grew throughout the 1930's, influencing designers around the globe, until its demise after the second World War.

The motifs of Art Deco designs are symmetrical, repetitive, and non-organic, similar to the processes of machinery. Composed of geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation, it is a design style that renewed a sense of positivity after the devastation of the first war, with its faith placed in technology and machines to rebuild a new, more modern and glamorous future.

 Though I have only a few installations of the these three designs to show you, I would like to inspire you to imagine how these three designs might look when installed in modern Art Deco styled homes. Remember, QAQ screens can be cut in variety of materials from compressed hardwood, stained Charcoal or Jarrah, or they can be cut in mild steel, ACM, and aluminum, all of which can be powder-coated in a wide variety of colors to suit an Art Deco interior decorating color scheme. Raw aluminum with its glamorously industrial silver sheen would especially suit these designs.



This first installation is appropriately glamorous, with an 'Altona' screen cut in MDF and painted black with a high-gloss, tupac finish. 

Here we see the 'Elwood' design cut in compressed hardwood (Weathertex) beautifully dividing a carport from a backyard living area. 

This installation of 'Altona' at the Kingston Hotel, in Richmond, VIC, features 18 mm thick MDF that has been painted a steel gray only upon its surface, giving the design more of an optical illusion, sculptural quality. 

Again in compressed hardwood, here 'Altona' is featured enclosing a patio, providing shade, privacy, and of course, Art Deco-inspired beauty. 


Now for some present-day Art Deco interior decorating inspiration:

I hope you have enjoyed this brief foray into Art Deco design in modern interiors. To see much more in this style and to see the latest installation pics of 'San Remo', 'Altona', and 'Elwood' as we they come in, follow our decorative screen Pinterest board features, including one just for 'Art Deco Screen Designs'.

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Thank-you for reading! Please comment with any questions you may have about QAQ decorative screens or panels.



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