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A Straight Lined Decorative Screen: The 'Valletta' Design, Named After the Beautiful Capital of Malta

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One of QAQ's most modern and minimalist decorative screens designs is our 'Valletta' pattern, named after the beautiful, ancient capital of Malta in the Mediterranean.  This design features straight lines divided evenly to create a brick-like layout. It's simple symmetry and classic, versatile style make it an easy choice for a modern Australian home. Here are some of our most attractive installations of 'Valletta', followed by a few stunning images and facts about its namesake to entice you to not only want to install a decorative screen in your home, but to book yourself a trip to Malta to boot!

Featured recently in my post on the Henley Display Homes, this 'Valletta' screen is cut in compressed hardwood in the 'Woodsman' (textured) finish and stained a glowing chocolate brown in the 'Jarrah' stain option. The alternative options in compressed hardwood are to have a smooth finish and/or a dark gray 'Charcoal' stain. 

Decorative screens make building a pergola extremely easy, and though QAQ has many more ornate designs, the 'Valletta' design suits this modern Metricon display home especially well. Here the screens are a compressed hardwood that has been painted to match the patio colour scheme. 

The advantage of using screens to divide rooms is not only a subtle demarcation of space, but added texture and visual interest to the layout of a modern open interior, which can sometimes seem rather sparse. 

Now, to head to Valletta, Malta, for the much older beauty of it's seaside landscape....

Valletta is a cultural capital of Europe with a legendary past. The capital of Malta has one of Europe's most scenic harbors, surrounded by some of the grandest fortifications in the world. It has been called a "city built for gentleman by gentleman" because of its having been handed over to the Knights of John of Jerusalem, known as the 'Grand Masters' and defenders of the Holy Lands that provided shelter for pilgrims in the 11th century. In 1530, the Spanish King, Charles V, gave Malta to the Knights, who then set out to create one of Europe's finest capitals. The grand baroque architecture reflects the knights' stature as aristocrats from the noblest families in EnglandFranceSpain, and other European countries. 

Valletta's top tourist attractions today include: 

St. John's Co Cathedral

The Casa Rocca Piccola: an aristocratic Maltese home

The Upper Barrakka Gardens and military ceremonies

The beautiful waterfront, featuring a string of cafes and restaurants built in what once were warehouses

The Manoel Theatre--one of the oldest and grandest theaters in Europe


I hope you've enjoyed this feature on the 'Valletta' pattern and its namesake, the capital of Malta. For more decorating inspiration and a many more stunning photos of the island of Malta see QAQ's Pinterest board on this design: 'Valletta Screen Design', alongside many more feature screen boards.  


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